K Benson Contracting Ltd.

Associated Companies & Services

KB Contracting was started in February 1997 by Karl Benson and Mandy Charlesworth as a landscaping company with only a few employees and within the next two years gained some major government contracts and kicked off what has became a large North Shore business. In February 1999 we became a LTD company & changed our name to K Benson Contracting Ltd trading as KB Contracting. The KB group now consists of two very busy directors, 4 individual companies, 35 full time employees & several subcontractors.

KB have very high standards that we work to as a company and within our contracts which carries on into our private work as well.

We can offer numerous services ranging from building foundations and driveways, designing out perfect backyard and relaxation zone to house water blasting and rubbish removal, both greenery and inorganic.

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